Corner overtaking: Design will be the feature of Chinese tile!

After visiting the Marmomacc 2018 and Cersaie in Italy, we rethinking the feature of the China, what is the distinction between China, Italy. We should figure out the different so that can guide the feature plan.

We list the elements which might be the reasons influence the development of the tiles industry:


Country Italy China
Time of product development 8-9 months Less than 1 months
Texture True to life Copy
Aesthetic sense Very High Low
Industry chain Strong None
Design Strong None
Fashion Strong None or Weak
Aesthetic foundation Very High Weak
Funds Middle Very High
Effectiveness Low Very High
Labor Weak very high
Technology Advance Advance
Global Strong Weak
Culture Strong Weak
Rigor Strong Weak
Homogenization Weak Strong

From the form, we might know that China lack of core composite value: design, the ability of product development, craftsmanship. We have the best technology, effectiveness and labor, only we focus on the design, the texture of product development, improve our aesthetic sense, learn from art, natural and life.  

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