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Cloud-like Marble Pattern for Table and Wall Design






Wow! There is the White Volakas Marble for Countertop and Background Wall design in the hotel lobby.

Volakas White Marble is a really classical marble choice in most European and American countries. While for the developing countries like those in Southeast Asia and some in Middle East, this kind of white stone would be more and more popular.

There are two types for Volakas. One is in mall and oblique veins. This stone is normally be used as vein-consistence when using them in stairs and wall. While another one is the type we are introducing now---the cloud-like patterns. It has more obvious and vivid patterns, therefore, designers tend to use this stone as background wall and countertop. No matter for one piece slab or several pieces of cut-to-size panels or special shape table, we could follow the veins direction and if you are interested in book matched design, Moreroom Stone could offer you good choices!

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