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White Marble Interior Floor and Wall Design



The white color could be the symbol of pure, clean and freedom. That's the reason why so many people choose this color to decorate their home and villa.

Today we are going to show you a kind of white marble design for interior floor and wall.

The white stone with some chip-look veins, cutting into 600*1200mm marble panel and paving on floor, looks like a world of ice and snow. Moreroom suggests to remain 1-2 mm gap between each piece of stone when installing.




While some clients prefer to use other color of stone to match the white marble, for example, to use the black stone. The proportion of white and black marble is the key. When you want the white marble to be the dominant hue, the black one should be some kind as the strip shape or small chip. And when there is more black than white in the area, the tone for this area would be changed.

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