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Tiny mosaic tiles are a big trend

Tiny mosaic tiles are a big trend

Blending art, architecture and design, mosaic tile is one of the oldest forms of wall and floor covering. Using the tiny squares known as tesserae, Ancient Greeks and Romans created detailed stories and intricate geometric patterns, and mosaic art embellishes ceilings, walls and floors from Byzantium to Barcelona.

Today, artists teach and share their tile-working skills at places like the Chicago Mosaic School and the Institute of Mosaic Art in Berkeley, Calif.

And mosaic’s creative possibilities are popular among interior designers, too.

Designer Alena Capra, for instance, created a peacock feather out of dozens of Ceramics of Italy mosaic tiles to showcase the range of colors and creative possibilities. 

“Mosaic tile lets you create amazing murals of just about anything. I’ve always loved doing mosaic murals because they allow for the most creativity with tile,” said Capra, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

A ‘wow’ factor

Murals and feature walls done in mosaic tile can bring a “wow” factor into a space; on a smaller scale, they can add design flair to backsplashes or bathrooms. Because there isn’t a lot of acreage to cover there, you can have some fun with colors and patterns, and perhaps splurge a little.

Modern manufacturing techniques mean the range of mosaics is greater than ever. A new type of durable material even lets today’s designers put glass mosaics on the floor.

Sara Baldwin, founder and manufacturer of a building material company, notes that mosaics have inherent texture in the way they’re hand-crafted, cut and assembled.

“We’ve now focused on this, combining different materials in one mosaic,” she said. “So you can find stone, glass, shell, gold, ceramic and even aluminum together, creating a dynamic textured surface.”

Glass or stone cut into intriguing shapes can help walls and floors tell a little story.


Moreroom Stone’s delicate creation

Moreroom Stone offers a lot of different kinds of mosaic tiles, which are in various shapes, by different materials and for diversified application.

Delicate mother of shell marble mosaic are popular among the North America market and Europe market. The natural mother of shell shines even more after finishing and glazing. In order to meet different customers’ needs, MOREROOM offers a lot of mother of pearl mosaic tiles in 2D and 3D, fully displaying the natural beauty of shell.

Different shapes of marble mosaic are another type of mosaic of which more and more countries are fond. Herringbone, hexagon, basket weave, square and some irregular shapes really catches people’s eyes.

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